Thursday, December 10, 2015

Revolution Nears!

I have not even yet had a chance to work on this . . . .

We will get it done soon I pray.

February 2016 is the release date for the revised final version of "The Odd Blogballs (Or: The Five Dime Geeks who Saved the World)".

This final version shall include some profound oversights and will set this world on fire!

Our time draws nigh people: the age of humanity cometh.

pax vobiscum

The Odd Blogballs (Or: The Five Dime Geeks who Saved the World)

Until we get full disclosure of all information known to everybody, justice shall never be possible. That is to say, until we become an open society, there shall never be any freedom in the land. But, what about national security you say, and I rebut, that is exactly why we must now unify with the nations of the world, with all nations of the world, and we must become a unified whole, only then may we de-empower the world entire. We must become a unified humanity; we must become one nation, under God, for justice to be available to any, and in fact hopefully, for justice to be available to all of us entirely.

Instantly you say this is not possible, our governments have too many secrets they have to keep to protect us. Again, I say, that is exactly why the whole world must now become one, a nation where every man, woman, and child is free; free to choose their individual place within our great congregation, the congregation of us all, a congregation of us, humankind, a nation of us the people, the Republic. Aye, with faith, a man once said, nothing is impossible!

You see, the day we all decide to come together, within the hope that through our faith in the future, our faith in ourselves, and our faith in God, we can that day then change the world once and for all. In a day, through our collective peace made, we could give future generations a promise of hope put into action. A promise an entire generation of humankind has never thus far bequeathed unto another. It seems, you see, a ‘man’ wants it all, and, he wants peace too. Well, this world has never been at peace, and there are many who have always wanted it all. Naturally, I would contend that in order to peacefully reside with, and next to, one another, we must all simply have a genuine, a genuine, love for one another. Many think this is a dream impossible, yet this is not only possible, but one day soon, it will be quite probable, maybe not totally achievable, but then again, mayhap so; we do not yet know, we have never truly tried to unify. Do you yourself truly love all, could you, would you, be willing to try to unify?

Puzzled? Let us make plain. Love is life, and secrets lead to death. In love, there is no light and there is no darkness, because in an open society, in a society of love, we have nothing to hide, it will be as if the light is shining all of the time. In contrast, secrets are like the darkness within the light, they obscure the full brilliance of truth, of honesty, of love. Therefore, you often hear people say, “I was in the dark,” or, “they did not let me know, I was kept in the dark”, or, the forces of light versus the ‘dark side’ so renowned in American mythology, “may the Force be with you”. Let us be open with one another I plead, let us not hide “things” from one another, let us not keep each other in the dark, and most certainly let us not be kept ‘in the dark’ by ‘our’ very own government.

If a thought needs to be a secret, then think another thought . . .

It has been said throughout the ages that honesty is the best policy, and if that is in fact true, then the foremost “thing” we would all need before justice could truly be possible, is an honest and open government through which we all rule honestly for the better of us all . . .

Come talk to me, let us sit and discuss this, and let us see if we can agree, openly, that love is better than secrets, that love is superior to secrets and to lies, that love is incomparably superior to greed, and to war, and to hunger. Let us agree that indeed love is superior to everything!

Can we agree to this? If so then let us continue. . .

Before striving to explain how we unify, let me first explain my rationale for how I think our love for one another is like a game of pool, a game that can only be won if there is only one player, one player only that is, or, ultimately, none.

Consider. . .

The world is a pool table, and this pool table comes equipped and fully ready to play: balls, sticks, pockets, playing field, and most importantly the players themselves, are all included, and we play ‘for keeps’, as the saying goes, upon this table of life. Ok! Now then, being that this particular game is our very life, the good old proverbial ‘game of life’ personified in fact, what then would be our first move, or more precisely, what is our first ‘shot’ in this game?

All too naturally our first ‘shot’ thus far has been just that, each one of us shooting to win, much worse now though in fact, we are now shooting to win on a playing surface, and with even the pockets thereupon in fact, already owned by somebody else. Naturally, our very ‘shots’ are predetermined to the extent that we are affected by the playing surface itself and we are affected by where/who/what and how many of the holes are placed on the table. So right now, in our mind’s eye, we have a two-dimensional (left/right, forwards/backwards), that is, a flat surface, with six choices; our options are severely limited from the start.

For instance, if we had control over the table ourselves, would we not then have the ability to shoot up or down; like if there were three balls between your ball and the best available pocket, instead of trying some ‘crazy’ bank-shot, would you instead like to shoot your ball three feet up into the air from underneath, or downward from overtop, and jump over/under the other three balls? More concretely, what I am saying, you could allow yourself to shoot from underneath, or above, the very surface, being that you can now control this aspect of the table: depth, substance = land!

Literally, we could say that we are leveling the playing field by making it three-dimensionally available to us all, made possible only by owning, by being a part of, the playing field itself. In plain words, billions of people today are on somebody else’s land, and are therefore already subject to somebody else’s rules, politics, and civil customs of that land. Billions of us right now are in bondage to forces not within our power to control. In truth, these ‘freely’ moving inert balls we are shooting, our intent in this world, our life’s objective, is mightily constrained as a subjective participant, as a player, from the very beginning. It is impossible for a player to enter an ongoing game in which the holes, and even the playing field itself, have already been manipulated to favor the pre-existent players, and expect to have a fair share in the chance at ‘winning’ in the game of life!

It now quite apparently seems the game is fixed from the start!

Life seeming like nothing more than a rustling sediment, our lives as lifeless rocks strewn in a downward journey, rolling off the mountains into the sea. . .

Ah, but back to the game. . .

Additionally, consider the holes provided upon the surface, traditionally there are six holes; four corners (land, [gold/diamonds/sugars/spices], war, and oil), and two sides (hope and life). Perhaps we would like to have more holes than merely six, provide more opportunities, more ‘targets’ to shoot at if you will, more possibilities for us all to have, more choices to make. This would be our individual freedom to movement, the third dimension of life that can provide freedom, this third component of existence, movement, is dependent upon the possession of space, time, and substance, since one cannot move on one’s own unless one has a physical body animated with a will to act and a place to move to. This is what separates the inert lifeless balls/sticks/field from the players’; the will to act/the ability to shoot! The players have the choice and the ability to shoot the balls, while the balls themselves, our intent in this world, are waiting to be shot.

It follows that if other players already own the land, and the resources, the holes unto which we all shoot towards, and they even have the first ten shots before we get to shoot, the game suddenly becomes quite a formidable game indeed. Consider, if the other players put mountains in front of our shot, or put a million other balls in front of ‘our’ hole, or, if they simply deny access to some holes altogether, then indeed; the fix is in! We must first shoot at other people’s holes before we can shoot at ‘our’ holes of life, in other words, we are at a distinct disadvantage from the start in this grand pool game of our life!

Since this is what lifes economic forces have given to each and every ‘free’ man, bondage before birth, war during life, taxes before death, and a last payment pon one’s demise to Caesar also; then what freedom hath a player truly? Why not dispel of such an unnatural slavery, and start living as humankind was meant to live?

To be more than but sandcastles next to a sea. . .

Ok, now anyway. . .

Imagine if the playing surface owners (the landed) pocket, and the ‘godss’ pocket owners (gold/diamonds/sugars/spices), who are in fact largely governments, multinational corporations, and private individuals, make the rules of the game as the game is in progress. These people are then, in truth, the players who truly ‘call the shots.’ These people control the rights and even provide, or deny, access to the very natural resources we are all shooting towards just to exist, so obviously they affect our shot before we even get a chance to shoot; right?

This is where we introduce the game within the game. For instance, let us consider the matter of money, the world of today, the world of homo economicus. The players who already own the land and the gold/diamonds/sugars/spices, or, in other words, the landed godss of ‘our’ world, have placed a wall on the table through which one must shoot, before we can even shoot at the land or godss pockets at all. That is, if one wants to build a fire to keep from getting cold, one must first buy the wood somebody else owns, or, if one wants a place to live one must first buy or rent a place owned by somebody else; or even if one wants to eat food, one must first buy the vegetables from somebody else’s garden or store, unless you were born into a family of players that already own the garden or food.

In other words, if a new player wants to play at all, she/he must first buy their cue from the cue-maker and pay a playing tax to the landowner before one gets a shot at all. The point: no money no shot! So, for the sake of argument, let us say the playing field and pocket owners, out of their generosity, provide us a ‘free’ stick (with their strings attached) with which we can shoot. We become so overjoyed with the prospect of simply having a shot, far too many of us I fear, that we do not simply examine the table close enough to see that the game itself, along with the 'variety' of shots available to any given player, is predetermined by the ‘shot-takers’ and the ‘shot-makers’ that have been playing since before we got our first shot.

Ok. So, we take our shot when it is given to us, and we make it through the first hole, the hole of money we all have to make before we even get into the, literally, money round. More importantly, if you miss this first shot, being anything more than one of the two-dimensional lifeless balls being shot back and forth across the table becomes an ever more formidable task. And, say that you do make this first shot, and you do proceed to the ‘money round’; then what? You know the likelihood of owning any of the playing field (the landed) or of the resources (the godss) is virtually nonexistent, so what is the next best thing a money player can do? Well, she/he plays to simply stay in the game, wouldn’t you?

So, to stay in the game, while you full well know you cannot ever achieve victory over the big players, the landed godss, you do know that you at least want to make sure other up and coming players cannot take away your hard earned position within the money realm of the table. So, the best thing you could do would be to distance yourself as far away from the other new players as possible, and hope to never be sucked back into the money hole (the wrong way), back into the land of incidental contact and empty ricochets. Here, where you and me are. . .

So you use your cue, that you bought and paid for with somebody’s money, and you build a mighty and towering wall around the rest of the balls, thereby making another hole we must shoot for before we can even shoot for the money hole. This hole is called civil government, and the persons that own this pocket are called lawyers, the moneyed lawyers.

Now, in your mind’s eye, picture this pool game of life. There on the playing field are two walls/barriers, money/civil government, that surround the side pockets of hope and life and force us to shoot towards the pockets of the landed godss before we can shoot at any of the other pockets. Now is when ‘our’ game really starts, because we must first have the government’s blessing to even shoot for the money realm in this game of pool, and in reality, in this, ‘our’ game of life. For example, if you were given your ‘one shot’, and you took a shot at somebody else’s gold, then the government disqualifies you from ever again taking any more shots, in essence, it is like the man says, “game over man”! If one goes against one of the government’s rules, for instance, if a player wanted to just go find a spot in the hills or out in the field, she/he must first be able to buy the field and then pay for the wood with which to build and heat, if home and heat that player wants. The player would already have to be able to have the land (playing field), and the resources (the wood ‘godss’) to not want to play the game at all, otherwise the player finds theirself in jail under tax evasion and squatting charges.

So the side pockets of hope and life, for each and every one of us, have long ago been cut off from our game of pool, from our so very real game of life, because in order for us to get to either of these two pockets, we must first get through the moneyed lawyers and the landed godss before we can even take a shot at hope and life at all.

We now indeed begin to resemble the inert lifeless balls on the table more and more than we do to players taking a shot in the game of life; do we not? Without being born a moneyed lawyer or a landed god(ss), our first two shots in life have to first go through these two holes, and if they do not, one is, by definition, no more than a lifeless ball ricocheting about this table of life. We are resigned to being two-dimensional lifeless substances, going back and forth, with no true chance of having freedom in this life, with no real movement at all that would differentiate ourselves from that of the balls/sticks/earth. The game itself is not only rigged, it in fact paralyzes future players!

This is where the war corner comes into play. This is a corner we have not yet pondered in our game of thought pool. This is a very important ‘pocket’ because this is the playing field provided to us, the newcomers in the game who are not among the ‘landed godss’ or the ‘moneyed lawyer’ categories of previously established players. This category sucks! And, this is the most powerful category of them all.

Now there are two ways to look at this category, this category consists of either players who, being given a ball and a stick, shoot ‘their’ ball into this pocket, and, the other players who take their shot somewhere else. These people are the armies/police/militias, and civilians, us, the oddballs of today. The ‘army’ players now become more like ‘brass bumpers’, in that they perpetually safeguard the outer two areas of landed godss and moneyed lawyers, and if they are ‘golden’ balls, as opposed to ‘brass balls’, I suppose, they trade in their guns for stars, and intermingle with the upper echelons of ‘shot-callers’ and gloat over their baubles, I imagine. I would not know from experience though . . .

Now, we have a playing field itself, which often serves as more like a field of mountains and walls, and armies, between us and our ‘pockets of life’; the pockets to which we are heading being ironically enough actually made by ‘our’ own hands, our own bodies, we just do not own them, we have to first buy them from somebody else. How is that you say? I did not make any ‘pockets’ or walls of land, gold, money, government, or brass bumpers (armies/police/militias), with my hands, how can I be made of them? Well, you are made of the first two, dirt and gold, and your shot in life is predetermined by landed godss, moneyed lawyers, and the brass bumpers under ‘their’ control, so you are prefigured as to what type of person you will be relative to your local nation’s customs. But, is not that what this game has been about all along, land, gold/diamonds/sugars/spices, money, government, and brass bumpers? Have not the land and the resources ‘pockets’ of life been that which have ever divided humankind from the start? Hence the need for money and laws! Since the money, and all of the laws, seek only to further keep us from ‘our’ pockets, from our pockets of hope, and of life, and of freedom. Hence, the powerful brass bumpers, the armies/police/militias, between us new players and the already established players, men of arms paid for by new and old player alike; the guns of moneyed lawyers and landed godss! A fixed game if there ever was one, ya’think?

In sum, we pay to take our shot at life only to be told we have to shoot through the holes of, brass bumpers, government, and money, before we can begin bouncing around with other oddballs who too are searching for the side-pocket of hope that may provide a path to our pocket of life.

Incredible . . .

So now, let us mentally picture the table of life we are playing upon. Looking down at the table as one is about to shoot, to break the balls during our great shot at life, we see that the outermost pockets are in fact inaccessible and walled off and protected from us by some exceedingly formidable obstacles at the very start. Yet, being thrust into this game, our life, without a choice in the matter, we take our best shot at whatever pockets may be left open to us. We drive a bus (government job), or, we teach classes (government or private), or, we build houses/military bases for the landed godss/moneyed lawyers and the ‘standing’ brass bumpers. Or, if we get real lucky we sell insurance, work at a bookstore, or even trade other people’s money and land, money and land we do not own ourselves, but ‘we’ trade it to the other oddball players who are ricocheting about in this tiny prison we call the game of life.

And for those of us who really screw up on our big shot at life, we end up working at McDonalds, Wal-Mart, or a car wash, and if we are coherent enough from drinking/drugging our sorrows away, we get on the computer, if we have one, and we blog our unjust fate to the cybernetic gods in the technological ‘pocket’ of despair. I guess you could say we are the players that missed a pocket entirely; we are now, the blog balls! Yes indeed: the blog balls, the players that missed ‘their’ shot in life entirely, and are now only incidental contact; we are the ricochets off of other peoples' shots, both new players and old alike! In militaristic jargon, I would suppose, you could say we are ‘collateral damage’. Alternatively, in plain language, we could perhaps best be described as being spirited, or spiritless, two-dimensional balls who bounce off another oddball here and bump into another blogball there, within a thrice-enclosed pen to the bemused delight of others’ whims . . .

What a bargain! Can you believe it!? Homo economicus at her/his finest! Here we are upon the table of life bouncing about like odd blogballs while in the unperceivable distance behind those far-off mountains, and walls, and the ever very close brass bumpers, our pockets of hope, and of life, lay cut off in the shadows, imprisoned within the darkest dungeons of hunger, and of war, and of greed . . .

Which brings us to our next pocket . . .

The pocket from Hell is an oil well!

This last pocket that we have not yet spoken of, is the most important pocket in the world today, and this pocket is the slipperiest and most powerful pocket yet to be battled over by the players that ‘call all of the shots’. You do not think it is mere coincidence, incidental contact, or simple ‘collateral damage’ that two of ‘our’ last three presidents have been oilmen from Texas do you? Like we have discussed before, this is old money, the forbidden domain of the landed godss, the ‘biggest’ of all the ‘blonde beasts of prey’ of whom Nietzsche writes. These players are the most dangerous of us all, vying for the last great pocket left in the world, the oil fields ‘pocket’, armed with the most powerful air/navy/army of all!

Yes indeed. So while us assorted odd blogballs, down here on the playing field of desolation, if you will, fight each other over the newest X-box game (blog incidentals), or watch TV and root for our favorite football team (odd ricochets), or go to church and wait for China and the United States to kill us all (tacked brass); the biggest game in the history of humankind is currently being played before our very eyes, whilst we are zigzagging across the table like odd blogballed idiots! And we do not even get it! You do not think the last two Gulf Wars have been about ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ do you? If you do, then you never even had a fair shot in this grand pool game of life from the start . . .

Yet again, that so many of us never do have a ‘fair shot’ to begin with, I guess the point that we are ALL odd blogballs waiting to be smashed by other players, brass bumpers, moneyed lawyers, and landed godss is pointless in that what can we do about it?
The deep punctures ‘we’ have drilled into our world, and into our very souls, are some of the deepest depths known to humankind, far beneath even the deepest depths of the immense oceans themselves. The cavernous wells have sprung unintended consequences all over the face of this world, much like other major ‘pockets’ of before, and still now, mountains of diamonds, & gold, & silver, etc., all of which have affected the odd blogballs and mighty brass bumpers, and of course, the landed godss and the moneyed lawyers, before us for millennia now, as it affects us to this very day. Madness, is it not?

Hmm . . .

If a thought needs to be a secret, then think another thought . . .

Abel did not want to give back the efforts of ‘his’ labor, the products of his handiwork, being selfish with God’s graceful gift of life, of life and of this beautiful land He provided us, all of us, to share.

Today, we are two-dimensionally imprisoned creatures, before we even have a shot, a shot, of being three-dimensional creatures, there are impossibly too many walls, and barriers, and armies that stand between us and our pockets of hope and life. That is, our ability to move about is what guarantees that we are free creatures under the eyes of the Almighty Lord Himself, and if an entire dimension, that of substance, of up and down movement, of land, is denied to a person, well then, that person is even less than nothing. So, unless one finds a way to ‘squeeze’ oneself into the governments or armies of the primal players of landed godss and moneyed lawyers, the players who truly ‘call the shots’ in this great pool game of life, then one is exclusively destined for exactly where we are at now; here on the playing field of others waiting to be knocked around by any new player or screwy ball that comes around.

Yet, then again, what exactly was the dream ‘we’ were shooting at to begin with? Was it an “American dream”, and if so, what exactly is that? The fields and the resources have long ago been claimed, and the only shots we have left are not unlike simple ricochets of life, shadows in the field, incidental contact of the intended actions, the intended shots, that have been, and are being taken, by others. Our very first shot at life itself is in fact enwrapped by a brass wall of metal-earth clad fellow prisoners, how then could one ever have a ‘free’ shot at life, if in fact we are already in iron chains ere we shoot?

What is a odd blogball to do???

Enter: the fourth dimension!

The funny thing about odd blogballs you see, is that unlike the brass bumpers, the moneyed lawyers, and the landed godss, we are a creation of the 21st century, there have never been ‘odd blogballs’ before in the history of humanity; we are, literally, in the undiscovered territory of life. Glorious is it not? Not! However, our very name can perhaps lead humankind into the awesome future that the cybernetic sphere of communication has provided for us, we the people of the world everywhere, all of the time: have the ability to instantly communicate. We have achieved the possibility of going four-dimensional!

What does ‘going four-dimensional’ mean exactly? Consider. . .

Say this world is a perfect cube in your hand. A simple three-dimensional (height, length, width) square box. Six flat surfaces, eight points, and twelve lines, see:

So now, thanks to Bill Gates, the son of a moneyed lawyer with too much free time and a whole lot of imagination and intelligence and beauty, something we all have, if we ever truly get the shot at showing it: nevertheless. So Bill Gates, and other entrepreneurial techno ‘geeks’ of the late 20th century, make something possible that had never been possible before in the entire history of the world: instant communication! We now have the ability to communicate with somebody on the complete opposite face of this planet instantly. Get it? We, the people, can now bypass entirely the physical necessity of having to move about on somebody else’s land, the very land our bodies are made of and yet we do not own, and we can instantly communicate with all sorts of people across the whole planet!

We, the people, have achieved four-dimensional movement, without being constrained, by the physical barriers of the respective nation within which we reside. This post-modern age, the glorious afterbirth of the Industrial Revolution, and the hideous wars and famines and greed that ‘revolution’ unleashed upon the world, has perhaps brought humankind into a new golden age. A completely new chapter, in the story of us, the human species, one people, under God, Amen.

And that chapter is a four-dimensional gateway of communication, an implosion, an inward explosion, of our minds, if you will, can hopefully save us from the chaos of today’s world. Can you imagine? Shangri-La deconstructed! See, look again at the square,

The red lines represent our avenues of communication that have only become accessible to the public at large in the last fifteen to twenty years. These red lines point us into a critical mass of communication, that enable us, the odd blogballs scattered across the globe, to act as gateways of change for our entire world’s society. If we could all access this gateway, all of us odd blogballs everywhere, we could all unite as a force for change in this world. We can appeal to the brass bumpers, and ask them if they too are tired of being battered about, tired of always standing in between the few, the landed godss and moneyed lawyers, and the many, all of us odd blogballs caught out here in the plain of desolation. I am quite sure the brass bumpers too are tired of battering and being battered about.

Are you tired of being a brainless ball caught up in the ricochets and endless incidental contacts that are probably induced by the ‘bigger’ players of the game? Are we not tired of being brainless balls of blog who have no more shots left in this grand game of pool: our life!

What say you odd blogballers and you brass bumpers of today?!?!? Have we real balls or only phantom blogs, caught up in the shadows of lies and secrets the ‘big’ players shot into position before we ever had a chance to blog.

Odd blogballs and brass bumpers of the world unite! Let us be a force for change in this world. Let us usher in an age of humankind that shall bring our children’s children an age of peace, of happiness, and of hope. We can help to unite us, the people of the world, and we can vote out of office the tyrannous landed godss and moneyed lawyers of today’s world in a wonderfully peaceful democratic revolution, a technological revolution of the mind, no generation before us has had the capability of performing. We, the people of the world, can vote out of office the lying and secretive landed godss and moneyed lawyers that now so greedily rule our precious land and natural resources. We, the odd blogballs and brass bumpers of the world can usher in an age when all new players in this game of life can actually shoot on an open table instead of into mountains of walls and towers of brass. Our only shot in life no longer needs to be only predetermined holes and a field of incidental contacts.

This is how our four-dimensional house of mirrors, our house of glass, has only begun to open our world’s society in ways we have not even started to explore. . .

No longer can hidden secrets and dirty lies enshroud our minds within the darkness of two-dimensional gloom; the mountains of scales hath fallen from our collectivized eye! 
For instance, in addition to our ability to instantly communicate with one another, we can also harness the power of the stars (satellites) themselves, thanks to Google, and we can see the yellowized (blotted out) military installations across the world. This is a God’s eye-view from above the never before available to the ‘common man’, who is in truth not so common anymore. In fact, as we said before, there have never been odd blogballs before in the history of the world. We are meant to change the world! We want immediate de-yellowization of all space satellites right now! Why not!?! Inward transparency can open our outer lives to freedom. . .

Consider the cases of the prisoner abuse scandals in the American ‘occupying forces’ detention and interrogation ‘centers’. If we are truly an open society, we the people, being apart of the very government of the world, should be able to freely and without fear inspect the conditions of any, and of all, prisons in the world at this very moment. At the click of a mouse! Impossible you say; with faith nothing is impossible, sayeth the man. . .

Same is true of ‘our’ political elect
ions; why cannot we all count the votes, why cannot we all monitor/verify our electoral process and maybe even ‘change-up’ our elections, perhaps even throw in a ‘little’ lottery, and why is money even involved. . . in a ‘free’ election. . .

So consider, if we, all of the odd blogballs and brass bumpers of the world, if we told the landed godss and the moneyed lawyers that we are tired of fighting for their oil pocket, especially since we do not even have the chance to own any of that particular god(ss) anyway, in truth, we give the landed godss/moneyed lawyers back their money to use their oil (us suckers!); we, the people, are going to have a revolution! What could they then say? Are they going to tell us ‘our’ whole world is going to cave-in on us? Well, it is caving in on us alright, but just not from their greed for more oil and oil wells. No, instead, with this heretofore unknown newfound capability, the capability of instant cybernetic communication worldwide, as well as visually, and telephonically, and electronically; this world is literally, as they say, ‘wired for sound’.

Are we not also tired of polluting our very children’s bodies, and our/their world, right now before they are even born? The ‘big’ landed godss and moneyed lawyer players of the game have carelessly left unobserved one too many ricocheted odd blogballs and brass bumpers bouncing around their plain of desolation. Within what they have most hospitably allowed us unintended ricochets and collateral damage to careen about in, this two-dimensional prison, we have put to form a thought, the thought of a new and better world, the thought of every child being cared for and fed, the thought of world peace. . .
In other words, the thought of revolution!

What say you brass bumpers and odd blogballs?!?!? Would we not like to try to feed the entire world, to unify the entire world in fact, and to one day even possibly not need ‘brass bumpers’ (armies) at all. Think of the openness our world could truly then have, our house of see-through glass may indeed start glimmering more like the reflection of a prism, if we had not the hunger in the stomach of our world’s children nor the weight of guns, warplanes, and bombs weighing us good bumpers down.

What say ye odd blogballs and brass bumpers of the world?!?!?

The fourth dimension, possibly the harmonious consummation of a square cube, or, more appropriately in our world, a round peg; an ‘enclosed’ world, only then subject to the cosmos ‘out there’ yet being at peace with ourselves on our world down here. It would be only the finest gift an odd blogball, & brass bumper, & moneyed lawyer, & landed godss could ever give unto their/our children, ALL of OUR children. The gift of peace in our world of today and tomorrow.

The Republic is born! What say ye odd blogballs, ye brass bumpers, ye moneyed lawyers, and ye landed godss: what say ye?!?!?

If a thought needs to be a secret, then think another thought . . .

Epilogue 2013:

It has been said that glass houses very easily shatter, and that building a house of glass would not be a wise investment at all. Yet, throughout our history until right now, a house of glass could not ever have possibly been built before, and here we are Lordy, Lordy, Lord: we are in the second decade of the 21st century, and all of the houses of bronze, iron, steel, and mud, that have been built before us, the people of today, they have vanished into the horizon nevermore, leaving in their wake a generation of odd blogballs with cybernetic dreams of glass houses, a thought, that will one day soon perhaps, save the world.

After all, all castles made of sand sink back into the sea, eventually. . .

The Republic. A house of glass of untold four-dimensional potential; an open table for all players of the future, perhaps eventually an open society where nobody is ever worried about bank statements, credit cards, and social security numbers. We could perhaps build an entirely different generation of computers that would allow people to log-on simply by scanning their eyeball, or scanning their fingerprint. Numbers, and the ‘need’ to compute life itself in economically ‘versatile’ language, could very well indeed, literally, be ‘things’ of the past. Perhaps in the near future, the only need we would have of numbers would be for abstract thinking entirely, with no need to associate numbers with ‘economic value’.

Hey, did you hear the joke about the landed godss and moneyed lawyers who bought a glass house. Uh, no, Christ, you oughtta be kidding me? No really, they sold all of their possessions, and gave ‘their stuff’ to the poor: and everybody together just let the money blow away in the wind. The landed godss and the moneyed lawyers saw it was time, time not to take the world entire into the deepmost pits of burning oil wells, and instead of a future in Hell, we gave to our children a most beautiful prism bell, the earth, made of glass nonetheless, see-through to all and open to everybody. A four-dimensional house of glass, a gift to our children that could perhaps for a thousand years, and possibly eternally thereafter, peacefully last. Perhaps one day our great-great-grandchildren will say that their grand unified world, The Republic, is a nation birthed from out of a box. Amen.
As the eight ball gently drops into the side pocket of hope, leaving only the pocket of life to yet find, the sixth hole on the table, or, in other words, the 5th dimension: our hope, our faith, our charity, and our minds, combined.

Here's the chalk . . .

And they shall call them, the holy people, the redeemed of the Lord. But thou shalt be called: A city sought after, and not forsaken. Isaiah 62:12.