Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sister Liberty

O wake up sister Liberty!
Wake up Sister Liberty!

To where hath the tattered tassels
of thy garment strewn?

You promised us freedom and
democracy most fair,
yet thus far hast only war and greed
nested within our lair
(or would that be Asia, the Middle East, and the 'Americas' . . . .).

From the days when Old
Hick’s slaves built a
Trail of Tears,
and the Big Chief in Washington
told the brave Chief in Seattle cheers.

As Walker’s harrowing appeal,
‘O Americans! Americans!! I warn you
in the name of the Lord (whether you will
hear or forbear,) to repent and reform, or
you are ruined!!!” was apparently unheard.

Dear Beatrice where hath Sister Liberty gone?

Is it true as the angel Michael said,
“Towards the west, [you] shall find the plain wherein
a black bituminous gurge boils out from under ground,
the mouth of Hell.”

Jacob’s rock lies lathered amid this mephitic stench!
Wounded nevermore to again solidly step.

Where art thou Sister Liberty?

To where have thy thoughts turned?

Hast thee turned as an angel into an eagle most free?
Do you now dine daily
on the afterthought of Liberty?

Has a nation’s self-proclaimed Manifest Destiny
been betrayed as a most hideous curse?

Has absolute power corrupted our verse?

Fair Sister Liberty
thy charity hath been bought with money,
aye, and none can any longer afford
to see thy naked beauty freely:

b/c we all have to pay our monetary fees,
and pay for parking before paying to campout

amidst thy wondrous fauna and trees.

O, woe is we.

[Originally published January 10, 06, with a smattering of emendation throughout the last decade]

The Odd Blogballs shall soon be re-published in it's, our Lord willing, final and profoundly updated text.

Praise our Lord. Help us Lord. God bless all of creation (as He has!).

Now could we bless our Creator?!?